Ways to reuse jewellery

Ways to Reuse Jewellery – Your Latest Jewellery Collection

The jewellery collection of every woman is her pride and joy, filled with unique, exquisite heirloom pieces. They are timeless, but then they go out of fashion and lay in the back of your closet. We’re sure you have a collection of vintage treasures, and now we tell you how these can actually become your latest jewellery collection with a few minor changes to them.

Brooch your earrings

Go back into the early 1900s where the women decorated their saris with brooches to add a touch of glamour to their look. All you need is an elaborate earring and voila! Any of your elaborate stud earrings in diamonds or other precious stones takes you back into the charm and elegance of the vintage times that holds so precious to all of us. We’d even suggest re-using a broken earring or one missing its pair for this sort of experimentation. If you happen to have a gorgeous pendant, but the neckpiece isn’t up for wear anymore, convert it into a brooch! There are endless possibilities here really, when you set out to try it.

Accessorise your hair

Old really is gold, when it comes to delicate gold chains and necklaces that your grandmothers and great grandmothers religiously wore every day. They make the perfect hair accessories to make you look like a bohemian queen, which you can pair either with your hair up or even with your hair flying free in the wind. If you have more than one chain, you can twist them lightly together, or wear them criss-crossing each other to create some lovely patterns in your hair. The latest jewellery collection has been in your wardrobe all along and you never knew it.

Experiment with layers

Another wonderful use for a gold chain necklace is to wrap it numerous times around different fingers to make multiple rings, creating the layer effect that’s in fashion today. Or even better, if you have an old necklace design in temple style that you don’t know what to pair with, then use it as a base for layering on it with more contemporary design chains that you may have. The old gold jewellery designs form a very royal look while the more contemporary designs make you chic.

Your latest jewellery collection doesn’t have to always mean spending a bomb. Some fun ways of sprucing up your style and bringing back your old jewellery can break the monotony and you could even set new trends with all the same jewellery you’ve collected so carefully over the years.