Wedding rings for men

Wedding Rings for Men

Your wedding preparations are in full force, and while the bride-to-be is super excited and building her bridal trousseau, you are not left far behind. Young men today are as involved in the wedding process as their fiancées, which makes it even more fun for the young couple. Here, we give a quick lowdown on everything you need to know about selecting your own wedding ring, based on your personality.

The Gold Band

If you are the silent, brooding type, then you will love this one. A simple, gold band says a thousand words in its classic elegance, just like you. It has no frills and fancies; it’s exactly what it presumes to be. Nothing reflects your personality better than the gold band as a happy reminder of your married life.

Diamond studded rings

You love the finer things in life, and you’re picking and choosing every aspect of your wedding wardrobe only from the best. That’s why your wedding ring has to be perfect too.  Modern wedding rings come in some very edgy, diamond studded and set in gold designs that cater to your fine tastes. Diamond studded rings usually have a slightly thicker band, to allow a design on it to sit perfectly.

Wedding rings for men, gold finger rings

Gold Diamond Ring

The Platinum Effect

You’re experimental and you know it. You’re not particularly one to stick to the norm, and that’s why you don’t want to go in for a typical gold band. Platinum is the best bet for you, since it is a very precious metal in the market today, and doesn’t cause any allergies it is revered. Keep your easy going vibe on as you flaunt the laidback platinum ring to the maximum.

Personalised Rings

If you’re as romantic as they come, then personalised rings are the best option for you. You can choose your choice of metal and either get an engraving of your wedding date, or to go all out, get yours and your bride-to-be’s fingerprints printed onto the ring. There can be no bigger statement made than a personalised ring that tells the world your love story.

Choosing a ring for yourself may be a daunting, but with this simple guide, you’ll arrive at the perfect ring for you. You can come over to Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems as well, where we help you pick the perfect wedding ring for you that you will cherish right from the day your fiancee makes you wear it.