Work Appropriate Jewellery

Who doesn’t love to look presentable and professional at work? Sadly we attribute a great part of this to our outfits and pay no heed to accessorizing. Accessories can add a whole new dimension to your look and the right ones can end up changing your look for the better entirely.

Accessorizing is a subtle art not everyone is well versed with but it pays to learn some tricks to keep you on top of the game. The best accessory is jewellery; a few rings, some dainty chains and, the right earrings and bracelets can not only be a wonderful investment but are easy to work with too.

Here are some pieces you can never go wrong with:

Classic hoops for the win

They come in various sizes and can be paired with almost everything! Choose a medium sized pair so that it doesn’t look too outrageous and can help you look sophisticated at work while also helping you blend in with the party post your work-day.

Make a wise choice

The workplace is usually a sombre and sober environment so don’t go overboard with the accessories. It is usually wise to wear either earrings or a necklace. Avoid wearing both at a time as it may seem overbearing.

Gold with Diamond Stud Earring

Keep it quiet

Jewellery that clinks or chimes is never appreciated in a work environment. Choose something that doesn’t get in your way and doesn’t distract those around you. For example, avoid wearing bangles or too many bracelets in one hand.

Less is more

Wearing one statement piece is always better than wearing a couple of small things. Just one nice broad bracelet in one hand looks much better than scattered pieces of jewellery here and there. Keep it classy and simple.

Mother of pearls

Invest in a few pieces of pearl jewellery. They are easy on your pocket and look stunning. They also ideal for those days on which you don’t know what to wear but need to finish your look with something.

Pearl Chain Set – TC084

Change it up

The same old jewellery everyday can make you seem boring and eventually it will seem like a chore to accessories to work. Keep a few small pieces handy and mix it up depending on your outfit. After all, if you look good you’ll feel confident too, and who doesn’t want that?

We hope we’ve inspired you to get started on your collection and given you something to look forward every day. Happy accessorizing!

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